A Decade of Resonance

Since 2012 Denis Zhdanov and I have been wanting to play a piano duo project together and finally the time has come. We are proud to present the world premiere of our two-piano collaboration in one performance, with works by European composers, very symbolically written during both World Wars, in 1915 and 1941, as well as with gems of Ukrainian music, as we both originate from Ukraine and will always support our country. Please join us for this evening of music, reflections, and resonance.

A huge THANK YOU to Stadt Graz & Land Steiermark for the SUPPORT of this project!

Photography: Marc Serhan

I stand with Ukraine

In light of the war that is taking place in my birth country, Ukraine, I have canceled all the performances of Russian repertoire until the end of this concert season, as a gesture of mourning for the victims in Ukraine. I consider that it is currently a taboo for any Ukrainian artist to be performing works by Russian composers, despite the history and the fact that many artists have fled, fought with the regime in Russia, and/or passed away before 1917. Currently Russian art is part of the Russian culture that is unfortunately, but logically used for propaganda by the Russian government. It has now acquired a symbolic meaning. As a Ukrainian-born individual, it is currently inappropriate for me to perform or publish recordings of Russian music. I hope that the events will de-escalate soon and it will become more acceptable at some point. This is everyone’s personal choice and this heavy decision is what actually feels right to me at the moment.

In memory of all the fallen in my country during this ugly, terrible, and inhumane war.

I am grateful for all the tremendous help of friends, both from Ukraine and from abroad. Together we stand united on our path to the victory of Ukraine in the fight for freedom.

Слава Україні! Glory to Ukraine!