Crowdfunding / Budget list

Turning this project into a great show with professional production and a DVD recording is just impossible without your help. We truly hope that you will participate in the creation of this work and we will be more than happy to send you a gift after we accomplish this adventure!  Below is the list of what is needed in order to bring this performance to life in the best possible way and requires funding, which we are now seeking :

* 3D projector to display the visuals – $1100
* 3D mapping, rendering & compositing – $600
* Visual projection, lighting & sound effects assistants – $750
* Props/decorations – $200
* Publicity, advertisement & marketing – $600
* Designing & printing posters, flyers & programs – $800
* Sound recording, post production & mastering – $1300
* Videography & photography (3-5 cameras) – $1600
* DVD production – $2000
* Piano tuning & services – $500
* Reception- $600
* Miscellaneous – $500
* GoFundMe fee – 8% of each donation
* Currency conversion fee (USD-EUR) – 3%
* Pays for artists – THE REST

We will be immensely grateful for any donation and we ask you to share this information with your friends.  Of course, will make sure that your name is on the list of our supporters in the program of the performance !

[If for any reason you would not like your name to be printed in the program and would prefer to remain anonymous, please kindly indicate it as a note when making your donation.]
Please read the donation benefits on the GoFundMe campaign page, since we will make sure to thank every one who helps us ! (Please note that the last three levels include live performances, which are to be scheduled on mutually agreeable dates with travel/lodging expenses for artists covered by the donor.)


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