The Chopin Project

This is a research/performance piece about the Paris years of Frédéric Chopin.  This unique event combines at least three art genres: the solo piano performance of Chopin’s music, theatrical readings of his letters and poems by Polish poets of his time, and photographs or short video clips of his Parisian life including his pianos, manuscripts, personal belongings, portraits, routes, and more.  I am very lucky to be collaborating with a truly incredible team, which includes Nathanaël Bez, the actor and Eduard Akselrud, the media director – couldn’t wish for better people to work with!

I dedicated 1.5 years of my life to preparation of this project before the premiere, encompassing its piano repertoire, visuals, and script writing.  The highlight idea of the work: human being, an artist, needs to create in order to live; and Chopin was one of the best examples of this lifestyle.  Each time a new creation is made, it leaves the creator and inhabits the souls of others. Thereafter it lives in the hearts of the audiences, ever-growing and ever-inspiring. No matter, how hard the obstacles, one MUST create and, therefore, bloom eternally. And thus, the creation of an artwork is the most beautiful occurrence in the Universe, making it better with each moment.  The two other very important factors we want to emphasize in our work is Chopin’s complex personality that is not always perceived by the performers or the audience; and the remembrance of the past and its spirit by humanity, which is a crucial subject for the people of the 21st Century.  Read the full presentation here.


The Grand Salon at the Foundation of the United States (Paris, France) where “Chopin: A letter through the Parisian Years” was premiered on April 1, 2016

However, turning this project into a great show with professional production, several performances in various countries and a full-length DVD that is currently undergoing development is just impossible without your help. My team and I truly hope that you will participate in the creation of this work and we will be more than happy to send you a gift after we accomplish this adventure!  The easiest way to support us is through our GoFundMe project campaign, where you will find the full list of what is needed in order to bring this performance to life in the best possible way and a detailed benefit description.

We will be immensely grateful for any donation and, of course, will make sure that your name is on the list of our supporters in the program of the performance!

 This work was developed, finished, and successfully premiered at the Grand Salon of the Foundation of the United States in Paris (read the review by Frédéric Sausse, CIUP). We are incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to perform in this wonderful venue, as well as in Lucerne and Zurich, Switzerland, and Munich, Germany!  Right now we are working towards our future performances of this project and are always open for inquiries and invitations!  Hope to see you at our future events!