Dear Friends,

We did it.  The premiere of the “Chopin: A Letter through the Parisian Years” took place on April 1, 2016 at the Foundation of the United States in Paris, France.  And nothing would have happened without your tremendous support.  We had a full-house in a completely overbooked venue with a live wait-list, nearly 200 occupied seats.  People arrived especially for this event from the United States, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, and many places in France.


You know, I feel truly lucky and blessed in my life because of the people I am surrounded with.  It is a real happiness when those around are so responsive, kind-hearted, and understanding.  I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to all of you, listed below.  It would not be possible to create this project without such wonderful people involved.


The financial report is available for the donors only, upon request.  The prints for the donors will be mailed out this weekend.  The DVD will be created over the next few months and I will announce more information on it later on.


We are now open to invitations for the future performances of this project.  Feel free to throw in ideas!






A very special thanks to:


– Nathanaël Bez
– Ed Akselrud
– Shahin Arnold Alirkan
– Lionel Harkas, Sono Concept
– Iryna Kyshliaruk
– Ziad Kreidy
– Sophie Vasset, Noëmi Haire-Sievers & The Foundation of the United States
– Adam Wibrowski & The Chopin Association in Nohant
– The Polish Library in Paris
– Wanda Horky, Benjamin James & Friends of Chopin Australia
– Fan d’Érard
– Eliso Virsaladze
– Konstanin Lifschitz
– Alexander Korsantia
– Anka Zhuravleva
– Anne-Lise Haenni
– The Wohleber Family
– Philippe & Catherine Jolly
– Dilectiss Liu
– Frédéric Gaussin
– Alex Bauer
– Bogdan Sydorenko
– Magdalena Geka
– Mikhail Suhaka
– Irina Viscun
– Benita Majczak
– Konstantin Rybakov
– Roberta & Francesca Prada
– Catherine Grive
– Marija Bokor
– Asia Ahmetjanova
– Natasha Roqué Alsina
– Marie Roure
– Andrei Malakhov
– Yerzhan Kushanov
– Mira Rakhmanova
– My parents: Igor & Anna Akselrud
– Denis Zhdanov


– Jack & Yulia Levin
– Igor & Anna Akselrud
– Denis Zhdanov
– Iryna Kit & Anri Vartanov
– Alex Bauer
– Friends of Chopin Australia
– Charles Thibo
– Wanda & Wojciech Horky
– Margot Woods
– Sergei Levitan
– Dilectiss Liu
– Elena Konstantynova
– Marie Roure
– Leonie Newman
– Karina Glaser
– Valeriya Sholokhova
– Anastasia Seifetdinova
– Irina Balinskaya
– Asako Matsukawa
– Elena Kuzmuk
– Milena Zhivotovskaya
– Maria Raizwasser

Once again, many thanks and all the best to each of you.