Chopin: A Letter through the Parisian Years



Dear Friends,

My warmest greetings with the New Year of 2016! May life bring only joy, inspiration, and prosperity to you and your families!

I would like to make a big announcement about the World Premiere of a very special project, which I am currently working on with the wonderful actor Nathanaël Bez( 

This is a research/performance piece about the Paris years of Frédéric Chopin.  This unique event combines at least three art genres: the solo piano performance of Chopin’s music, theatrical readings of his letters and poems by Polish poets of his time, and photographs or short video clips of his Parisian life including his pianos, manuscripts, personal belongings, portraits, routes, and more.  However, your help is very much needed for bringing this performance to life!  Please check out the links below!

17 октября.

Осенне-зябким ранним утром,
Вдыхая ливня предвкушенье,
Рассыпать звуки-перламутры
И, будто в полусновиденьи,

Сквозь зыбкий хроматизм гармоний,
Едва стелящийся в эфире;
Сквозь тихий вздох больных агоний
Эвтерпии с осколком лиры

На старом кладбище Парижа,
Найти мелодию Шопена…
Забыть о лоске и престиже,
О том, что дёшево и тленно;

Пройдя по узким тротуарам,
Вдруг осознать – коснётся время
Всея и всех; но с редким даром
Веками будет жить лишь гений.

New School Alumni Photo Contest Winner!

I want to THANK ALL OF YOU for your HUGE SUPPORT!!!
This shot was created as a result of the collaboration of Elizaveta Muravieva (model, MUAH), Ann Balk (MUAH, costume design), Serezha Levitan (composition, assistance), and I pressed the button on the camera and added a few photoshop strokes at the end 😉
Folks, you are amazing. THANK YOU!!!!

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