Dandelion Dreams

in Fine Art

A review of this image by lensculture.com:

“[…] a bold red color palette immediately grabs our attention. This image also possess is a strong implied narrative. Botanicals grow out of the back of this young woman. As viewers, we are encouraged to consider why this phenomenon is taking place. Has she become one with nature? Has she had some sort of spiritual awakening? This image facilitates a conversation with the viewer which can be an effective way of engaging your audience.”

Dandelion Dreams

César Franck Piano Quintet in F minor :::LIVE:::

Today is the Birthday of my Teacher, Mentor, and now a dear Friend: Sasha Korsantia. His charisma, talent, and dedication always make me want to be a better musician. A better person. A better mind. 7 years ago I was page turning him for this piece when he played it in Jordan Hall in Boston. Since then I had a dream to perform it myself, which finally came true this year, thanks to Camille Fonteneau, Mathilde Potier, Andrei Malakhov, and Igor Kiritchenko.
Guys, you have no idea how grateful I am for this concert and for your all work, professionalism, and willingness to put this project together, despite the distance, snowstorms and fallen trees resulting in delayed trains, traffic jams between France and Switzerland, thus meaning very few rehearsals we had altogether (was it 2? 2.5?…not more.) But hey, we made it!

I would like to dedicate this performance to Alexander Korsantia. Happy Birthday, Teacher!