Künstlerliebe – Voice/Piano project

I am thrilled to announce a new project to come out in Winter’18, for which I am collaborating with a soprano singer Judith Duerr!  It is inspired by the 4-language concept of Switzerland and includes soprano/piano chamber works on the corresponding languages by leading composers and poets.  Schumann/Heine: German, Debussy/Baudelaire: French, Puccini/Fucini/Adami: Italian, Sialm/Fry: Romansh.

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Fine Art Section added!

I am currently switching into the genre of fine art photography, since I feel that it lately became much closer to me to bring my own vivid imagination and ideas of surrealistic fairy tales, dreams, and some alternative reality to life. I want to announce that my FAP portfolio model search is now open. Contact me if interested, with a [link to a] photo of yourself.