What on Earth is Critical Reflection?

Elina Akselrud’s response to the aforenamed article by Eirik Vassenden
Doctoral Program in Artistic Research
University of Music and Performing Arts Graz

The Article by Eirik Vassenden presents analysis and feedback on 14 critical reflections written by graduates of the Norwegian Artistic Research Program (NARP) as part of their final assessment.  The author was supposed to provide his opinion on the formats and reflection practices used by the artists, and to assess the clarity of the reflections that were based on the artistic practice.  He is elaborating on the term “critical reflection”, since it is essential to the relatively new direction of Artistic Research in Academia and needs not only its own definition, but also an endorsement whether it can be regarded as a path of producing new forms of reflection and knowledge.

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Photography Store Opening Announcement

Delighted to announce the launch of my Photo Print Store! You can also find it on the ‘Photography’ Menu above. For the time being the prices are for the smallest print size, 30 x 30 cm / 10 x 10 in, however if you are interested in purchasing larger image(s), please contact me directly via the Contact Form. All the editions, sizes, and prices are specified in the description of each image. I wish everyone a smooth transition into 2021 and hope it will bring positive updates to all of us. Stay creative!


Announcing Consultations for Artists and the new Mailing List!

Hi my artsy folks,

Today is a big day! I am more than happy to announce that I will be starting to offer consulting on project organization, networking, fundraising, collaboration, grant writing (and more!) for artists! For the time being I am excited to offer several free (!) individual 30-min consultations, for which you can sign-up by using this form. For details please make sure to watch the video below, so you can prepare your materials accordingly.

Also, I have created a new artist mailing list: there will be occasional updates on art project management, artistic research, my self-development ideas for artists, and much more! Sign up here and receive my personal guide on writing your project description, grant database list, and budget sample, as a gift!

I am truly excited to help you structure your projects! Please share this info among your fellow artists and in the meantime I wish you a cheerful holiday season!

Carry on creating,

Saatchi Art Gallery

It is so important for all of us now to stay connected and to keep creating during these trying times.  Today I am incredibly proud to announce that from now on my works are available for purchase at the Saatchi Online Art Gallery!

I am so happy for this opportunity to be able to connect with you via my prints.  Please contact me for different sizes listed in the description of each image at Saatchi, as well as to inquire about a particular edition.  International shipping available.  I am looking forward to printing and sending my works globally!

Indulge 2, from “Indulge” Series, 2020

Artistic Blog

Welcome to my new YouTube Blog about artistic projects, organization, research, and my experience in admin, marketing, fundraising, networking, and a lot of other things! This is an introductory video, however more topics in detail will follow on a more or less weekly basis. The best Birthday gift for me this year would be if you subscribe to my channel and share this video among artists who might find this information useful. From now on the Blog Playlist will always be reachable directly from this website by clicking onto the link above, in the Main Menu.

Have an amazing week!

Dandelion Dreams

in Fine Art

A review of this image by lensculture.com:

“[…] a bold red color palette immediately grabs our attention. This image also possess is a strong implied narrative. Botanicals grow out of the back of this young woman. As viewers, we are encouraged to consider why this phenomenon is taking place. Has she become one with nature? Has she had some sort of spiritual awakening? This image facilitates a conversation with the viewer which can be an effective way of engaging your audience.”

Dandelion Dreams