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It is so important for all of us now to stay connected and to keep creating during these trying times.  Today I am incredibly proud to announce that from now on my works are available for purchase at the Saatchi Online Art Gallery!

I am so happy for this opportunity to be able to connect with you via my prints.  Please contact me for different sizes listed in the description of each image at Saatchi, as well as to inquire about a particular edition.  International shipping available.  I am looking forward to printing and sending my works globally!

Indulge 2, from “Indulge” Series, 2020

Dandelion Dreams

in Fine Art

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“[…] a bold red color palette immediately grabs our attention. This image also possess is a strong implied narrative. Botanicals grow out of the back of this young woman. As viewers, we are encouraged to consider why this phenomenon is taking place. Has she become one with nature? Has she had some sort of spiritual awakening? This image facilitates a conversation with the viewer which can be an effective way of engaging your audience.”

Dandelion Dreams