Fiscal Sponsorship from Fractured Atlas!

I am more than happy to announce that today I joined the ranks of artists, who are fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas!  It means that from now on I am able to fundraise as if with the status of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all the donations towards my projects made through Fractured Atlas are tax deductible!  If you decide that Fractured Atlas membership is a good idea for you, use my special code FS14703 during your registration/payment process!  Please visit my profile at Fractured Atlas and consider making a contribution to the development of the Chopin Project!

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Dear Friends,

We did it.  The premiere of the “Chopin: A Letter through the Parisian Years” took place on April 1, 2016 at the Foundation of the United States in Paris, France.  And nothing would have happened without your tremendous support.  We had a full-house in a completely overbooked venue with a live wait-list, nearly 200 occupied seats.  People arrived especially for this event from the United States, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, and many places in France.


You know, I feel truly lucky and blessed in my life because of the people I am surrounded with.  It is a real happiness when those around are so responsive, kind-hearted, and understanding.  I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to all of you, listed below.  It would not be possible to create this project without such wonderful people involved.


The financial report is available for the donors only, upon request.  The prints for the donors will be mailed out this weekend.  The DVD will be created over the next few months and I will announce more information on it later on.


We are now open to invitations for the future performances of this project.  Feel free to throw in ideas!





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New School Alumni Photo Contest Winner!

I want to THANK ALL OF YOU for your HUGE SUPPORT!!!
This shot was created as a result of the collaboration of Elizaveta Muravieva (model, MUAH), Ann Balk (MUAH, costume design), Serezha Levitan (composition, assistance), and I pressed the button on the camera and added a few photoshop strokes at the end 😉
Folks, you are amazing. THANK YOU!!!!

We’re pleased to announce that Elina Akselrud, Performance – Piano ’12, is this year’s “New School Choice” winner for…

Posted by New School Alumni on Thursday, September 24, 2015

New School Alumni Photo Contest Finals!

I am happy to announce that my photo of Elizaveta Muravieva was chosen as a finalist of the New School Alumni Photo Contest! Please vote for this work by OPENING THE LINKS PROVIDED BELOW and PRESSING ‘LIKE’ on Facebook or Instagram (the little heart)

Please note: this post is just the preview! Voting is ONLY counted in the New School Alumni PHOTO ALBUM on Facebook or Instagram after you click on the links below and press ‘like’ there!!!
Thank you so much for your support!!!!




The Vyshyvanka Day special!

by Marc Serhan

Today in my native country, Ukraine, there is a wonderful holiday – the “Vyshyvanka” Day.  Vyshyvankas are unique embroidered shirts, part of the Ukrainian traditional costume.  Each region of the country has its own embroidery styles and motives – ornaments, flowers, and symbols – of beauty and freedom.  Today I am very happy and proud to be representing my dear country and to promote these symbols: the freedom of the human (and artistic!) spirit and the beauty of my vyshyvanka’s embroidery!  Glory to Ukraine!  Слава Україні!


by Marc Serhan, MUAH Elizaveta Muravieva
by Marc Serhan, MUAH Elizaveta Muravieva

Hello World!

Welcome to the new website!  Here you can find my work in piano and photography, finally all joined in a single place!

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Special thanks to my brother Ed Akselrud for making all this real – you are the best!



Elina Akselrud